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WELCOME TO Mon Atelier

Mon Atelier—which is French for "my workshop"—was founded by designer Ali Rahimi in a classic Los Angeles neighborhood in 1986. With design services to meet many wardrobe needs, Mon Atelier offers custom-designed suits for men and women and elegant cocktail dresses and evening gowns to fit every occasion. Known for dressing many “A-List” celebrities, including Anjelica Huston, Angela Bassett, Eva Longoria, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Rahimi has also made a name designing for musicians and other performers and for creating one-of-a-kind bridal gowns for that special day. Though many well-known figures pass through the front door, the atmosphere in the salon is friendly and intimate, making each meeting with a client a warm and very personal experience.


Though each of Ali Rahimi's creations is unique, we offer here a sampling of recent pieces illustrating his unique brand of modern elegance.

“What a wonderful feeling it always is to be in one (or two) of your dresses! Thank you so much for knowing how to make me shine.”

- Marcia Gay Harden - Oscar-Winning Actress

“There’s a real joy in wearing something that has been made specially for you—a piece that enhances your particular figure and captures some aspect of your personality.”

- Patricia Ward Kelly - Creative Director, The Gene Kelly Legacy, Inc.

"Rahimi’s salon on La Brea Avenue is a destination nonpareil for those in search of his trademark look of timeless elegance."

- Los Angeles Magazine -

Ali Rahimi

Designer & founder of Mon Atelier

Educated in England and later at the Virginia Marti College of Art & Design, Rahimi takes his cue from the great couturiers before him and sketches each design by hand. The perfectly-tailored pieces are then crafted to fit, with Rahimi’s signature attention to detail—fine beading, covered buttons, built-in corsets, hand finishing—and his unique blending of fabrics and other materials.

“When I first meet a new client, I usually see a look for her immediately. After only a few moments of conversation, I can create a design that is unique and also expresses her individual needs.”
— Ali Rahimi

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